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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the ever evolving strategy of optimising your website to gain the top Search Engine Page Rank (SERP). The ability of your website reaching the first page of major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo requires patience, strategic planning, excellent SEO skills, and consistent, hard work.

What is SEO for?

Search engine optimisation is an important part of creating targeted website traffic for your business.

On-page SEO requires adjustments to your website source code, while Off-page SEO requires tactical and strategic placement of keywords specifically tailored for your website around the internet through various forms of digital media.

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Google will help find the keyword to link building

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Google is the number one search engine that literally dominates the internet. The majority of internet consumers use Google to search for information, products and services. You can use Google to help find the keyword to link building for your business SEO success. Great SEO enables your business to be ranked highly on Google, meaning your business website will be among the top three pages of Google….preferably the first page!.

SEO is used for gaining targeted traffic by optimising your website to search engines. If you wish to have the right traffic coming to your website then the answer is YES – you really do need to have SEO.

SEO is not a ‘Quick Fix’ operation. It is a process that takes time for your website to rank on keywords in the top pages of Google, and most importantly once it is achieved, your SEO must be maintained through the continuation of the work previously done to keep your ranking.

This is a statement that is hugely dependent on many factors such as high competitive keywords, quality & quantity of content, SEO history etc. However, Build My Business is confident we can get your business on page #1 in Google search rankings on multiple keywords.

You will still have your website visible on the internet, but you will be wondering why hardly any traffic is going to your website(if any). It is part of the equation to the reason why people fail online. SEO is an important factor to have for your website to be successful and flourish.

As stated, it is a process that takes time. But once your ‘On Page SEO’ is done and your website is submitted to the search engines for indexing, you can expect to see your website on Google within 2 – 8 weeks. From there it is a matter of working on your SEO strategy to get your website ranked higher.

Our Standard SEO Package is a basic On-Page SEO plan only. This sets a basic foundation for you to get noticed by Google and for you to implement further SEO work for your business.

Our Premium SEO Package gives you a thorough On-Page SEO Plan where we create and implement an in-depth strategy. We also look at your Off-Page strategy as well & make sure that both are in sync. The Premium SEO Package is a subscription based plan where we continue to build on your SEO portfolio with the ultimate goal of building your organic SEO rankings to be at the top of Google on multiple keywords.

The Process

Northland SEO Process | Build My Business Whangarei

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