Northland Web Design

Northland Web Design

Whether you’re in Hamiltion, Auckland, or Northland web design takes serious planning, and creating a quality web design for your business is a task that should not be taken too lightly. At the end of the day, the website you create is a representation of your business right?, so bare that in mind when you choose professional web designers for your website. Communication from the beginning is of the upmost importance because the more information that you can give to your web designer, the more he/she knows about your business and what you are wanting to achieve in your website. Also, there will often be areas that a website designer/developer can see and may advise you to incorporate that particular element into your website design. These areas could be elements within your website that you may not have been aware of, or may have just totally forgot about.

Simple elements like:

  • Logo Design
  • Header Design
  • Blog Page
  • Advertising Space
  • Extra columns (If needed)
  • Social Media
    • Share Icons
    • Follow Icons
    • Posts/Embeds


There are other important elements like:

  • Privacy Page
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms & Conditions
  • Contact Page
  • Online shop (If needed)
  • Payment Gateway (If needed)
    • Credit Card
    • Paypal
  • Sitemap

As you can see, having a good idea of what you want from the start and communicating your needs to the designer can save you a lot of time(and money) for your business, so if you want a cool web design with style and functionality then make sure to take time and plan it out before the go ahead!.


Quality Web Design Services

Create a business website that will generate results

Whatever you do, you want a business website that can deliver results:

  1. A website that carries your brand
  2. A business website that is functional and user friendly
  3. You will definitely want your website to be responsive to all devices
  4. A business website that is scalable when needed
  5. You will want a business website that has an excellent user experience
  6. A website that has great, shareable content
  7. A website that can attract leads and conversions

The power of a WordPress content management system

Northland Web Design in WordPress Blogs

Since the introduction of Content Management Systems (CMS), business owners and staff have come to love the ability to manage their own website, and the creative freedom that CMS brings to the online business industry.

We recommend and use WordPress CMS for our clients, the number one Content Management System in the world…why?

  • ‘Easy To Use’ Admin Dashboard – The best CMS for our clients to learn and use for blogging and editing content.
  • Powerful Browser Based Software | Ability to gain access to your website from any computer
  • Fully Customizable Ability
  • Most businesses use the power and flexibility in wordpress blogs than any other CMS for writing articles


Responsive web design for desktop, mobile and tablet devices

Businesses need a quality web design that is responsive on all devices and that is what we do!. We can design a responsive website that has scalability and great user experience across all modern devices, whether your customer is on their iPhone, tablet or desktop computer.



So when ever you need a northland web design company, know that Build My Business can do more than just your website. We have a variety of digital management and marketing services to complement our website expertise. We can create for you unique digital marketing campaigns to drive potential leads to your website and help your business grow online.

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