Hiring An SEO Expert

Hiring An SEO Expert

While you may feel that the most essential thing in developing a website is finding a good designer, hiring an SEO expert is a lot more important if you want your website to be seen and ranked high in search engines. It is far wiser to attain the services of a person who is highly experienced in both. Because without your website being indexed and ranked well in search engines, you can more or less say goodbye to receiving a constant flow of free, targeted, organic traffic from people who are interested with what you have to offer. These people will come mostly from search results on major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo, and hiring an SEO specialist can mean the difference between an awesome looking website that no one gets to see and an awesome looking website that everybody not only finds and goes to, but who also talks about and shares the content that is within that website!.

An SEO Expert Is An Artist.

A great SEO consultant will not only understand the tricks of their trade but will also know how to use them more efficiently when necessary. Just like a Chef knows what ingredients to use to create a masterpiece cuisine, an SEO expert is an artist that knows the right ingredients to attract search engines to your website, knowing exactly what to apply to each page of your website in order for it to shine above your competitors. This is often the ‘proof of the pudding’ when comparing an SEO greenhorn and someone who has many years of SEO under their belt.

SEO Specialist

You see, an SEO specialist is not there to see how your website looks. They are there to see how your website reacts to search engines, and to modify it accordingly and as effectively as possible, with the plan of an end result with your business being on the top pages of Google and ultimately becoming an authority website in your industry. An SEO expert will be able to utilise their strategies without leaving a visible footprint behind. Just like programming code to a website, SEO is a similar skill that is hardly ever seen nor noticed by the end user – the customer.

Communication Is Key!.

It is of the upmost importance that there is communication between your SEO consultant and your website designer so as to not hinder their work, but to enhance and improve their efforts by working together, thus creating a website that functions both aesthetically and technically. When acquiring their services, you must tell both the SEO consultant and designer what you are needing from them. Give them a time frame and let them understand what your future goals are. This will put them into a clearer perspective of what is needed to be done for the website and what you may also need to be aware of. Most customers just want their website built and they want it done as quickly as possible. They are totally unaware of the complexities involved in designing and developing a website from scratch and having it fully optimised for search engines. So it is important to realise that communication is key…. for your sake as well as theirs.


When hiring an SEO expert, bare in mind that you are making an investment into your business, and if you want my opinion, your long-term ROI will be greatly rewarded for it. Having a skilled specialist in SEO working for you is a sure way for your business to climb to the top of Google. I wrote in an earlier article that every business needs a digital marketer . This too is true with having an SEO expert. SEO is never a quick fix situation where doing four weeks worth of optimising your website is going to make you the top dog of your industry in Google…oh no!. If you want to be at the top and stay at the top of Google then you must understand that SEO is a constant task that should never, ever stop. This is why it is always a super bonus when you have a web designer who is also a skilled digital marketer and SEO technician. The fact that you can have a multi-task specialist at your beck and call is pure gold in my books!.

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