Top Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites

Top DO Follow Social Bookmarking Sites

If you’re looking for ways in how to strengthen your search engine optimisation (SEO) for your websites, social bookmarking is a brilliant exercise that you can perform to help boost your rankings in Google and gain authority and trust. How can I do that?, you may ask….read on!.

Whenever you write a blog post or article on your website, by sharing that particular link on on any of these social bookmarking sites listed below, you are creating a back-link, a url link from another site that points back to your website. But this is not just any back-link. These are trusted social bookmarking sites that carry great Domain and Page Authority with Google, so by interacting with these social sites and leaving a valid url in the process, you will help your website get found more by not only your targeted audience but also by the search engine robots as they constantly scan high ranking websites for new data such as these social sites.

Do You Have Relevant Content?

Always remember to make your content relevant to the web-page url that you are wanting to display. Relevant content is important as search engines will pick up url links throughout different websites and then via their algorithm, is processed and ranked accordingly. If your url to your web-page is not relevant to the post that it was found on, major search engines such as Google and Yahoo will not rank you as a trusted nor an authoritative website.

So whenever you have relevant content and you want to push your SEO efforts that little bit further, simply utilize this list below and share your links out to grow both your organic traffic flow to your site and also your Google Page Rank!.

Top Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites

I hope these social sites help you in your quest for higher SEO rankings. One step at a time, your SEO efforts will pay off. Great relevant content is key!.

If you’ve found another great social bookmark site, or if any of these sites cease to exist or fall below par as a reputable reference, please leave a comment below.

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