How To Make Money With Blogging

How To Make Money With Blogging


Countless people want to know how to make money with blogging but have so many misconceptions as to what blogging is all about. Blogging is easy as writing a few paragraphs and inserting an image or video. But does it really have an impact on the internet and what use is it for businesses?.

So What Is Blogging?

Well first of all, blogging is a forum platform where people from all walks of life can express their opinions and views on anything and everything. Wherever there is a demand or an interest for something you can earn money blogging about it. There are blogging platforms you can join if you wish to become solely a blogger, but if you have a website or are intending to create a website for yourself or for your business then I strongly recommend you have a blog implemented into your site.

Blogging can be a very useful platform in your own business website for several reasons:
(1) Blogging can be a platform to inform consumers of your various business products and services.
(2) Blogging can be an avenue to attract new clientele to your business.
(3) Blogging can help increase your search engine rankings
(4) Blogging can dramatically increase traffic to your website.


Earn Money Blogging

If you’d like to earn money blogging, you can do this through various methods:

  • Direct Selling – Direct selling through your own blog on your website is a great way to market your products and services. This gives you a platform to talk in depth about what you have to offer and not be restricted by how long or short you would want your blog post to be. Here you can easily insert images or a video into your blog about your products or services with a direct link to where they can purchased.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is basically being an affiliate of a company and selling their products or services for a percentage of each sale as your commission for all your marketing efforts. There are many companies online that have affiliate programs, the most common is Amazon. Their commission is quite low (around 4% for new affiliates) but they do have a far superior range of products to sell which is great if you have a certain passion that you’re crazy about. Many people all around the world do very well with affiliate marketing, and I know several people who are earning a six figure income from affiliate marketing. If you’d like more information on how to become successful in affiliate marketing then I recommend you go here .
  • Digital Downloads – Digital products to sell is very effective as it gives you the opportunity to sell a product that doesn’t need any physical storage, gives instant delivery, and can have the potential to be unlimited. There are many products that you can create digitally and sell. Here are a few popular types:
    • Ebooks
    • Courses
    • Tutorials
  • Advertising – Specific areas of your blog can be used for PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising which can bring in an income for you if your blog reaches a large audience. PPC/CPC advertising works when one of your readers sees an ad on your blog that interest them. When they click on the ad you earn money for placing that particular ad on your blog. There are various PPC/CPC Programs out there, but the most popular program is Google Adsense .
  • Promotion – Promoting via your blog can be a ‘Passive’ way in which you could use blogging to make money. For example, if you have an off-line event where you are selling something at a seminar, festival, crafts market or a pop-up shop, you can write a blog about the event, where and when it is happening and what you will be selling there. This can give an awesome online buzz if your blog post is promoted and shared among the right audience, and in effect can create sales from people going to the event who had actually read your blog post!.


How To Make Money With Blogging

Don’t Be Afraid To Write

Sure, blogging to some can be quite a daunting affair if you are new to technology or tend to cringe when the word ‘writing’ is involved. There are those out there who think they know all about blogging, but yet wonder why nobody ever read their articles. Blogging is as easy as writing a letter, but beneath it all lies a process that can change your blog from being a forgotten piece of information to a destination where people thrive to.

But if you’re going to be deadly serious in wanting to know how to make money with blogging then I suggest that whatever route you decide to take with your blogging journey, make sure that you definitely implement SEO into all your content.


Use SEO For Your Blog

In comes Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a specialist field which utilizes a series of methods and techniques to help a website in their search engine rankings, of which in turn helps to bring free, organic traffic to your blog and website. There is on-page SEO where optimisation is carried out within a website source code and there is off page SEO where optimisation for the website is done throughout the Internet. This could be within social media, blogs, forum posts, directories, other business websites, etc.

The more relevant and consistent SEO is applied for any article or page within a website, the more data it will give out to search engines therefore gaining ‘authority’ over other websites in the same niche, thus attaining a higher ranking. Remember though, your SEO must be relevant and you must have consistency, meaning fresh content!.

If you’re ever thinking about having someone do any SEO work for you in the future, read my previous article about hiring an SEO expert .

Creating Traffic To Your Blog

SEO is great for creating long term organic traffic to make money with blogging, but there are also other ways to creating traffic.

  • Social Media – The most common way to promote your blog to a wider, targeted audience. If you are new to conducting business on the internet then I suggest you open up a few social media accounts, but before you do, here are a few tips to save you any confusion or frustration.
    • When creating a social media account for your business, use your business name. This identifies your business brand to the social media account, allows potential customers to find you, and it provides information to search engines that you now have a social media presence.
    • Use your url address of the article that you are writing about in your blog. If your structured data is set up properly, a summary of your blog should show on your social profile once you have inserted the url address. This normally displays around 200 characters of your blog text with a featured image.
  • Guest Blogging – This is a very cool way to get your blog noticed and attract new audiences outside of your own social network. Guest blogging works by approaching the owner of a blog that is of similar interest to yours and asking that person if you can write an article for him/her to post on their blog. Make sure that your article is relevant to their blog,  and has an anchor link that is heading back to your website. Please be thoughtful and give credit to the blog owner. Guest blogging can be hugely successful for both parties because it:
    • Gives the owner new content to add to their blog.
    • Gives you the chance to widen your audience.
    • Gives the owner the opportunity to perhaps reciprocate and create an article for your blog.
    • Enables both parties to establish authentic back-links to their websites which is awesome for search engine rankings.
  • Blog/Forum Commenting – Not only can this method bring you new audiences but it can also bring authentic back-links to your website. Remember to find blogs and forums that are relevant to your own blog. Relevancy is always the key factor, and search engines will love you for it!. Also, when writing a comment, write something that is going to be of value, with even leaving a question in the last sentence. This keeps your comment ‘open’ for others to reply.



My best advice for anyone that is wanting to know how to make money with blogging is to just get stuck in and get your hands dirty!. The only way you are truly going to learn is to take action. Go ahead and start on your first article, and if you make a mistake…it’s not the end of the world!.

“We all have to start from somewhere!”



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