Every Business Needs A Digital Marketer

Every Business Needs A Digital Marketer

There you go…I have said it…and yes, you can quote me on that too!

Every Business Needs A Digital Marketer!

Now whether you have been in business for decades or have just started, every business will need to have someone who is proficient and skilled enough to fulfill their business digital marketing requirements. Why? – because marketing your business products or services efficiently online takes a lot more skill than just throwing a post up on Facebook with a photo you had taken from your phone. Sure, you can trudge along and try to do things on your own, or get one of your staff who you know spend most of their time on Facebook to put posts up for your business. But the truth of the matter is, unless you have a broad range of digital marketing skills, your marketing efforts online will be very limited!.

Digital marketing is a category all on it’s own, broken down into many sub-categories that all play a part in the make up of your business presence online. An article on digital marketing would take more than a simple 500 word post to write. But here is a sample of five areas where a digital marketer would transform your business brand online.

  1. Content Marketing – You may not know this term, but to digital marketers, on the internet ‘Content is King!’. Having great content is key to attracting returning audiences to your website. Content, whether it be by text, photos, graphic images, videos, articles or whatever you wish to display, is basically information that you wish to share either from your own business brand or from another relevant source. Having quality information over quantity is always the go, but it’s even better if you can have both!.
  2. Social Media MarketingFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, and on & on we go. If you have not promoted your business in any social media platform, you my friend are losing out on targeted traffic visiting your website. Your business brand has the ability to shine in any of these social media platforms, so know your brand and you will find a suitable social media platform that is right for you. For a very quick run-down on some of these social media platforms and what they do, you can visit a couple of articles here:
  3. Video Marketing – Everybody loves video!. Video marketing is all about who you are, what your brand is about, and what message you are trying to tell in each video. Every video tells a story, and it’s up to the digital marketer to get that story heard while maintaining brand identity and adhering to the marketing guidelines of the business.
  4. Email Marketing – Everyone has an email. After over twenty years of business over the internet, email marketing is still the best marketing channel that has the highest rate for conversions. There is so much an email can do for your business. It can create a personal relationship with your customers, and gives you direct access to promote your business products & services whether it be via direct links to your promoting landing page or web-page, or via company newsletter.
  5. Search Engine Marketing – Probably the most that people have heard of search engine marketing is through Google Ads or ‘Paid Advertising’ in general, but it incorporates are wider umbrella of skills such as keyword research, link building of both inbound & outbound links and SEO (Seach Engine Optimisation) which is now considered a specialist skill of it’s own. Overall, SEM is about increasing the volume of targeted traffic to a website in paid search listings, whereas SEO is a skill where it’s main goal is to improve the website’s natural or ‘organic’ ranking on search engines.


Your website is a virtual shop that represents your business, and digital marketing gives you the ability to utilise your business website as a gateway for your business promotions, your products and services and special deals and events. The more you realise the immense pulling power digital marketing can have on the internet for your business, the more you understand how obvious it is to have a digital marketer on the payroll.


In Conclusion

Having specialist staff performing their specific task within a business is key to a well oiled, online commerce machine, and a digital marketer is definitely one of those. When you can find a talented digital marketer that can perform a multitude of other specialist tasks such as Search Engine Optimisation, Website/Graphic Design or Photography & Videography, well then that is just purely extra icing on the cake!. Take it from me, within the next ten years the majority of small businesses doing well online will be because they had acquired the services of a skilled professional.


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