Content Tips For SEO

Content Tips For SEO

Looking for content tips for SEO?…then read on!. If you’re wanting your website posts to be seen by those who may be interested in what you are writing about, it is vitally important that you practice good SEO. So, “what is SEO?” you may ask…to give you a fair understanding without cramming too much information, you can visit and read an article which is appropriately named ‘What Is SEO?‘. Correct SEO practice ticks all the right boxes for Google and other major search engines to index and rank you accordingly. Many fail to recognize the importance of SEO, let alone good SEO at that. Use these content tips for SEO to have better articles in your website. By using these tips whenever you create content, you will find yourself on your way to attracting more targeted audiences to your website.

  • A Great Title – A catchy title for your blog post or web page catches the attention of anyone who has a deep interest in what your title is about.  I mean, how many times have you clicked on a link because the title caught your eye?. It is standard SEO practice to incorporate your primary keyword if you can within the title. which ultimately makes that keyword a part of your permalink or url structure of your article or web page. Try not to have it too long, and make sure that your title is in h1 format. H1 is the correct heading format for your main title and should only be used once.
  • Strong Keyword – One of the best content tips for SEO purposes is having a strong keyword that is highly competitive.  Finding a strong keyword that is highly competitive will give you a greater chance of ranking higher for that particular keyword or phrase in search engines. If you would like to find a great keyword tool, I recommend using , the best keyword tool I know and use myself.
  • 500 Word Minimum – Having an article with virtually nothing to say gives nothing but bad signals to search engines when they send their spider bots out to scan your website. Today, the standard minimum word count is 350 words. Most seasoned bloggers/writers tend to write between 500 to 750 as a minimum. With Google constantly changing the algorithm of their search engine, it would not surprise me at all that future word counts for page content will be raised toward a 500 word minimum as a global standard in search engines. For one of my content tips for SEO ranking, I recommend attaining 500 words as a minimum.
  • 2 – 3% Keyword Content Ratio – Probably one of the most common mistakes to performing good SEO is ‘Keyword Stuffing’ or ‘Low Content Ratio’ of your Keyword within your article or web page. To give you are good idea of how to get it right, simply aim at having your keyword mentioned two to three times every one hundred words!.
  • Space Your Content With Paragraphs – One of the top content tips for SEO is adding paragraphs and breaking up the content in your posts and articles. It provides a far better user experience for your readers. Not only does it help with the flow of your content and encourages your readers to continue right to the end, but it lets search engines know that there is correct, formatted content within your article/web page.
  • Use A Relevent Image – Providing at least one relevant image to your content will again provide better user experience for your readers. Make sure to insert your keyword within the ‘Alt’ tags of the image which is accessible in the back-end of your website, or in the Media Library tab of your Dashboard for WordPress websites.
  • Provide Quality – Overall, quality will define your website content and your ability to compete with your business rivals. Let’s face it, if the content in your website is crappy and have no real value, no-one will bother to return to your site and will most likely bounce out of your site quick smart.

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Well there you have it guys. I hope you benefit greatly from this article and your business strives another step further online. These content tips for SEO growth on your website will bare fruit once you take action and begin implementing them into your website. Search engine optimisation gives amazing results when consistent work is applied.

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